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Burt Technologies, Inc., is the developer of the BURT System family of packaging & distribution software solutions. Check out the website here or call Keith Hockenbery at 913-669-3646 to see how BURT software can work for you.

      Training from The Network Provides Huge, Immediate Payoff

Gary Snider, Regional Production Director for BH Media, made a smart investment when he contracted with The Network to provide operator training at the Florence (SC) Morning News. After assessing the equipment and making minor repairs and adjustments, president of The Network Keith Hockenbery worked with the inserting machine operators. The primary focus was on better machine set-up, and helping them understand the theory behind the machine, not just which buttons to push. The results were outstanding: They more than doubled the throughput on their Sunday package. And, overall “Since Keith provided the training of the SLS-1000 operators we have seen a 23% reduction in labor cost in the mailroom,” said Snider. Wow!​

Time for Training!

Expert training is an investment that has a nearly immediate payback in productivity and employee job satisfaction. Improve the knowledge and expertise of your staff in as little as a week. At the Daily Herald, just two weeks of training led to the smooth-running results you can see in the video above. Our all inclusive price covers assessment, hands-on training, and follow-up. 

Bryan Carr, Vice President of Production for The Buffalo News, left, with Keith Hockenbery, President of The Network.

Help Wanted: ​Production Director, Mailroom Operators, Inserting and Packaging Manager, Machinist, Maintenance Electrician.  ​Position Wanted: Senior Production Executive

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Your Downstream Equipment Deserves TLC, Too
Not many newspapers are buying new production equipment, so it's crucial to take good care of what you already have. You know the experts from The Network can do wonders for your inserters. But did you know they can also repair and/or refurbish your conveyors, stackers, strappers and bottom wrap machines? For an all-inclusive price (excluding parts), we will evaluate your equipment, make repairs, and train your staff in proper set-up and maintenance. Rick Wagoner, General Manager at Gannett Publishing Services in Sioux Falls, SD, recognized the value of this service, and recently had The Network come in for a week, focusing on their strappers, which were "barely functioning." As Wagoner noted, "We were experiencing equipment failures nightly and now we have only a few minor issues throughout an entire production run," In addition to fixing the equipment, The Network also trained the staff on better maintenance and repair procedures, so that the improvements will be long-lasting. 

Investing in The Buffalo News Mailroom

The Buffalo News wanted to improve their packaging process, from preprint order entry to producing completed packages. They have contracted with The Network and BURT Technologies to achieve those goals, per Vice President of Production Bryan Carr.
First, The News is investing in operator training, provided by The Network’s Keith Hockenbery. An initial evaluation revealed that while their GOSS 630’s still run very well, the knowledge of the operators has been diluted over the years. Hands-on training in small groups has been very effective. “Keith’s years of experience and his training course bring back, to both our new and experienced operators, a consistent and fail-proof methodology for successful machine set-up,” says Carr.
This systematic approach results in quicker change-overs and faster running speeds, crucial improvements as zoning gets more and more fine, down to the carrier level. Several rounds of training will cover day and night shifts so that everyone has the set-up and troubleshooting skills to be successful. Per Carr, “We are already seeing improvements on some of the more challenging inserts.”
In a related project, new BURT order entry, package planning and inventory management software will replace The News’s homegrown, older preprint order entry/inventory system. This will eliminate duplicate order processing in advertising and circulation, saving labor and reducing errors. Quicker and improved package planning are other expected benefits, as the software will interface with their existing inserter control system.

 Why BURT? “Compared to others who claim the same niche of technology that BURT offers, BURT has been an established player since the late 1980s. In speaking with their customers, they were more than satisfied with system design, implementation, and customer service, including 24x7 support,” notes Carr. The systems have been improved over the years as BURT has incorporated feedback and best practices from dozens of newspapers, benefiting all their customers.

While The News chose to purchase their own hardware, one of the options BURT now offers is BURT Cloud services. The newspaper can avoid significant up-front investment in hardware, and spending time managing that hardware. Both the Software as a Service (SaaS) and Hosted solutions let customers focus on utilizing the BURT family of applications to package and deliver the newspaper, while BURT worries about stability, security, and scalability. 

For more information about how The Network and BURT can improve your mailroom’s operation, contact Keith Hockenbery at or 913-669-3646.

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SLS 2000 For Sale

This SLS 2000 inserting machine can be run in multiple modes: as a 6:1; as a 4:2 with the jackets nested to maintain proper pagination; or as a 3:1 or 2:2 in double production mode up to 35K/hr. Capable of handling quarter-fold jackets. Original Lincs controls, double drop. The system includes six hopper loaders, two Muller CN25 stackers, and a Videojet labeling system. 

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