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Our highly trained, experienced technicians will install your equipment professionally and cost-effectively.​ We service GMA/Muller and Heidelberg/Goss inserters; GMA/Muller and Ferag conveyors; Muller and Ferag storage and retrieval; Quipp Stackers; and all models of bindery equipment.​

Equipment Relocation

The Network has relocated many inserting systems utilizing former field service technicians from GMA/Muller, Heidelberg/Goss and Quipp. We have never been late or over budget. The Network is the most reliable company in our industry.

Operator Training

Operator training has one of the best ROIs’ in our industry and will pay back for a long time. Most of the places we go have excellent people operating the equipment; the problem is that they just haven’t been taught the basic concepts of the feeder set-up. The Network transfers this knowledge and leaves behind simple to understand step-by-step set-up procedures that can be used to train new operators in the future. Please click on the links to see videos of two sites where The Network has provided training, the Daily Herald and the Cortez Journal.

Equipment Sales

Are you looking to purchase a used inserter or related equipment? The Network can assist you with finding appropriate equipment at highly competitive prices, modify it if necessary, and install it for you - always on time and on budget. See our list of currently available equipment here.


The Network can help you determine the best, most cost effective solution to fit your production needs. Many companies are spending much more than they need to by replacing worn equipment when repair and training would have solved their problems.

Feeder Rebuilds

The Network has several rebuild programs, one for all MS (Heidelberg/Goss) hoppers, SLS1000, SLS2000, SLS3000 and Goss 632 hoppers. We have rebuilt more than 50 feeders in the last two years. Our practice is to replace only the parts that need replacement, and many times that means used parts in our inventory. Any new parts purchased from the OEM are billed at the same price we pay with no mark-up, so you keep your costs down. It’s a minimalist approach, effective and efficient to meet the changing economic climate of our industry.

On-site and Telephone Technical Support

The Network’s associates can be at your site to fix critical issues or for short or long-term rebuild programs on inserters, stackers, gripper conveyors or your bindery equipment. We also provide maintenance and repair training on all equipment. Many of our associates are also available to help you troubleshoot technical issues over the telephone; our rates are less than half what an OEM would charge you.

BURT Software

Keith Hockenbery, president of The Network, is an authorized sales representative for the BURT System family of packaging and distribution software solutions. BURT has developed a reputation for providing the highest quality software and support services. BURT PackagingManager™ is the premier package planning tool in use today and successfully deployed at over 50 major production facilities throughout North America.